About Us

KTM store is the online store established in 2018 for people around the world supplying Hemp products, jewellery & decorating items, footwear which are products of Nepal, Nepalese ethnic foods and general groceries. We specialised not only on Nepalese products but much more. Our website stocks different varieties of products which we can deliver straight to your door.

Our Vision

Customer service is at the heart of our business. To build up the wants and needs of our loyal customers we treat with top quality brands at the best cheap prices possible. We want our customer to have a total confidence from shopping, ordering through to the delivery. KTM Store’s aim is to prove with quality products at low prices to meet the changing requirements of its customers, we also welcome comments regarding the product range we offers and services we provide. Our customer support team has vast knowledge and experience in national and international shipping, package consolidation ensuring our customers smooth and reliable service. At KTM store we also take responsibility for maintain our environment and social impacts seriously. Our ambition is to be one of UK’s general household supplier of Nepalese product’s and much more by looking for opportunities to make a positive difference through quality, sustainable products at best price possible taking into consideration the sustainable environmental practices and communities.

History of Company

After 12 years of running a store Kathmandu Corner at Greenford, London, UK and its success made us think what we can do furthermore for benefit of our customers and for those who couldn’t visit us due to feasibility. Time these days are very significant to most people so just to save time and energy of our customers we decided to go online for their ease, establishing KTM Store.

Several years down the line, and with the support of our loyal customers, our product range has increased rapidly. Establishment of KTM store is to make life of our customer easier by offering quality, safe and trusted products sourced in an ethical, transparent and responsible way.

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What can we do for you ?

We provide 24/7 online shop facilities whereas if you want to direct contact to our representative, you can contact through our contact side.

Our service intend to provide the best quality in all sector including our own sercie.

We incorporate with the best delivery gateway. Thus we insure the fastest delivery as mention time however it may varies with other factor that beyond our limitation.

We Provide

  • Customer Support
  • Best quality Items
  • Quick delivery
  • A great customer care